Do you have a football jersey that you are proud of? If the jersey is signed, you may want to have it framed. A properly-framed jersey will be able to remain in mint condition for a very long time.

How does framing protect a jersey? Read on to learn more about the benefits of framing:

A Jersey Is Mounted On Mats

If you decide to frame your jersey, you are going to do a lot more than sticking it between a mat and some glass. Your jersey will be carefully mounted on an inlaid mat. The mat used for this will usually be very soft; it won’t damage your jersey in any way.

The methods that are used to frame jerseys are approved by the sporting-goods industry. When you mount your jersey, you will be protecting it from harm. If you decide to take your jersey out of its frame in the future, you will find that it is still in perfect condition.

Jerseys Are Framed By Professionals

If you are framing prints or photographs, you can easily handle everything yourself. If you are framing something like a jersey, however, you are going to have to get assistance from pros says, Yaron from Mobile Framing who does picture framing Melbourne.

When you have your jersey framed, you will be able to take it to experienced professionals. They will treat your jersey with care and make sure that it is protected and secure inside of the frame that you choose.

Framing Allows You To Display Your Jersey Safely

If you have an autographed jersey, it is only natural that you will want to show it off. Unfortunately, it can be hard to display something like that safely. People often reach out to touch jerseys when they see them. This physical contact can damage a jersey.

When you frame your jersey, it will be completely protected from grabby hands. If someone does reach out to touch it, the only thing their hands will come into contact with is the frame. Thankfully, a frame is much easier to clean than an autographed jersey is.

A Frame Can Turn A Jersey Into An Heirloom

If a jersey is one of your most prized possessions, you may want to pass it down to other family members in the future. If your jersey is properly framed, then it can easily become an heirloom.

Because a jersey is so well-protected in a frame, it won’t wear down over the time the way a piece of clothing normally would. Decades from now, when you are ready to pass your jersey down to someone else, it will still look as great as it did on the day that you framed it.

If you have a jersey that you really value, then you should make sure that you are keeping it safe. The best way that you can protect a jersey is to frame that jersey. Once your jersey is properly framed, it will be protected from any outside elements. Your jersey will have the same protections that jerseys in museums do!