Your Photography Business Needs SEO Or SEM ?

If you’re looking for ways to promote your photography business online, then you’ve probably encountered the terms SEO and SEM numerous times. But do you actually understand what they mean and how they differ? Plenty of marketers mistakenly use these two interchangeably. It’s essential to determine what SEO, or search engine optimization, and SEM, or search engine marketing, really are in order to make the best use of your marketing dollars. In this resource, you’ll learn the SEO & SEM difference and how to use both to form a cohesive online marketing strategy.

The Difference Between SEO And SEM

The very first thing you should understand is that both SEO and SEM have the same objective: to bring more targeted traffic to your photography website. However, they try to achieve this goal in different ways. Search engine optimization is a process of slowly improving your website’s organic rankings through unpaid efforts. On the other hand, search engine marketing focuses on using paid online advertisements to enhance visibility. While you may stumble upon countless posts that talk about SEO vs. SEM, do not forget that they can be incorporated into your overall marketing strategy to maximize online exposure.

Search engine optimization has become a must in order to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape. This is because a great number of online transactions begin with the use of a search engine. What’s more, consumers tend to read reviews or check a company’s online reputation before proceeding with their purchase. If you do not appear for search terms with high commercial intent, then your competitors are probably getting a greater share of your target market.

When people talk about search engine marketing, what they usually mean is setting up a PPC campaign. Creating pay-per-click ads offer plenty of benefits, especially if you bid on the right keywords. You might think that you don’t stand a chance against other bidders with larger marketing budgets. But Google and other advertising platforms usually have a way of giving marketers with lower budgets a chance to appear for their desired keywords. For instance, boosting your ad’s quality score increases your chances of winning Google’s ad auction. You have to evaluate cost vs benefit for your online photography portfolio.

Is One Better Than The Other?

As mentioned earlier, SEO and SEM can both be used to maximize the visibility of your website. SEO is often considered more cost-effective because once you manage to achieve high organic rankings, you can enjoy more targeted traffic over the long term. You can easily find an SEO agency like Broadcast SEO to work with your needs. SEM is more expensive since you need to bid on keywords. But what’s great about SEM is that it can bring targeted traffic more quickly compared to SEO. This proves very helpful for new websites. Finding the appropriate balance between the two and knowing where to allocate your business resources are essential in producing the best results for your business.

Now that you know the SEO & SEM difference, it’s time to set up a comprehensive approach that utilizes both techniques. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, but the goal remains the same. By learning how to allocate your resources efficiently, you can surely use both these online marketing techniques to improve online exposure; increase targeted traffic and boost conversions.